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May 22, 2004

May 22, 2004

It’s 2000 and calm, but it’s “stand-to” time. 1800 to 2200 and 0500 to 0900 seem to be the most popular times for “recreational” mortar attacks on our position. We, however, have gotten mortared a couple times today, none during stand-to time. I’m on post now. We’ve formulated four hour posts instead of three, which gives us more consecutive time off.

We returned this morning from an operation that began nearly yesterday morning. Four tracks—3rd Section and 107—did a Mechanized patrol with a platoon of grunts to the south of our FOB, setting up three blocking positions along a canal, searching vehicles, and ultimately trying to locate and destroy the enemy launching mortars into our FOB. We found nothing and gained no intelligence.

We interacted with the locals, bought sodas, played with kids, etc. I observed many beautiful females going about there daily chores. Some played hide and seek with us in a flirting way until their father came home. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m attracted to Arabic women with their dark hair, skin, and eyes. Eyes are the best. I’m already an eye man, but Arabic women have very seductive eyes. Very sexy.

But it would be impossible here because their culture is different in the wooing rituals. I still believe women are chosen, which is obviously really traditional. That’s probably why the men here don’t like it when I stare at their daughters, wives, etc. I met an Iraqi man who had two wives and ten kids. Lucky man. Over here, women are for reproduction and men are for pleasure, so I’m told. I believe it when the guys hold hands and kiss on the street.

We found out today we might be here for, well, another two more months. I’m going to go insane. I can’t stop thinking about going back to California and partying like a mad man, hitting on every hottie and just having a good time—especially if they are going to send us home for four months and then back out here like the rumor being passed around says. Hopefully we’ll go back to Japan instead. I’m going to party hard for four months.

We are attached to 2/2 Echo, and Echo is the only one not at the Mech Camp. The rest of the battalion is there. The CO for Echo volunteered and requested us. We don’t even have to be here, but no, I work for crazy motherfuckers! I love it!

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