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May 1, 2004

May 1, 2004

“I’m your Huckleberry.” I say that once over the net, and my call sign becomes Doc Holiday. I use “Holiday” ’cause it’s shorter.

I can finally use it myself because I finally have my own track. Sgt. Hardin left to go to 3rd Platoon. because they lost some Sgts. They lost one to electrocution. Anyway, I got his track with Koonce “Malibu” and Rivera “Enchilada” as crewmen. I finally got responsibility of a million dollar vehicle and all the personnel that might be aboard. It’s a little scary, but I feel confident in it.

The day after my last entry, we went back to the Mech Camp for some R & R. I got to talk to Mom and Tristen. I got to work out my chest and biceps—I’m way happy about that. I got to shower, eat some good chow, and buy tobacco from the PX.

Delfin got detached to headquarters platoon for a little while. I don’t know what they are doing yet. Two days after we left the Mech Camp, we were again attached to 2/2 Gulf Company. We’re way south of Fallujah. I don’t know exactly why we’re here, but it’s more fire watch without the excitement.

We were going to go to the southwest of Fallujah by the Euphrates. However, they decided that if 3/4 from the NE, 2/1 from the NNW, 1/5 from the SE, and 2/2 from the SW all came into the city and met in the middle, we would take the city in two days but it would make us look like murderers. I think they would deserve it.

They also want the ICDC (Iraqi Civil Defense Corps) to get some shit, to show that they want a better city. If they shed some blood, then it would make their purpose known and hopefully give them credibility. The ICDC want it, too. So we’re here.

Gunny Keller rode with me because his vehicle is in the rear with Loucks getting it worked on. He just left to go take Cruz back to the rear for his NJP (Non-Judicial Punishment) and hopefully get the other vehicles. We do less fire watch with him here, but it’s less lax with him here. I guess we shouldn’t be that lax, though. I initiated a good conversation with him, though. I learned some about him, and now we have a common ground we can both stand on. I think he likes me!

I’m going to watch now.

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