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April 9, 2004

April 9, 2004

It got too dark to continue writing yesterday. Plus I was getting pictures of two enemy KIAs and the weapons cache they were in possession of—AK-47s, RPGs, etc.

I wrote a letter to Liz yesterday. I don’t know why, but she’s been on my mind lately. Maybe I’ll see her when I go home next time.

Last night, while I was on turret watch, a building got lit the fuck up. It was pretty cool.

The enemy finally got a good fix on our position. Every mortar attack is hitting inside our position now. A couple of grunts have already taken shrapnel and gone to the hospital.

Delfin finally came over to our track’s position. He had to get away from Cruz. I hadn’t seen him in almost a week. He’s only 50 meters away, but we never leave our track. We laughed for awhile, which was good. We played some cards.

Then we were listening to the net, and Perez and Hardin’s pig, or amtrack, moved in towards the city about 100 meters to support some grunts on the bridge as a “show of force.” Not more than five minutes later, they received mortar fire and small arms fire. So finally they engaged with the 50 cal and 40 mm! It was awesome! Finally! We all cheered, jealous that they got some.

We run our engines every couple hours to keep the batteries charged for our radios. It’s amazing how soothing and relaxing the sound of a loud diesel engine can be. Dooley and I washed our hair today. That was refreshing. Simple things these days. That’s all we have—and our thirst for action. I’m sitting here in weeks-old, dirty ass cammies looking forward to a night of awesome fireworks or sleeping on a bench seat a foot in width, laying my head on a bag of laundry as a pillow.

Oh! And the worst part—we have no more cigarettes! We are officially out of smokes! Fuck! Dooley happened to have some old ass, stale hajji smokes from a year ago, from OIF I. We have hit an all time low!

I wonder how the family is doing. I can’t send or receive mail here. I’m listening to my country mix disc, waiting for the next incoming of mortars, bored out of my mind.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what I want out of life. Lord knows I want a beautiful, God-fearing wife who I’ll grow old with—and children. I want to live, or at least retire, to the country on a ranch or whatever. I want to see all of Europe, some of Russia, and Australia. When I get out of the Corps, I want to go to school and work as a personal trainer, at least until I figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. Should I go into law enforcement like the old man? God knows!

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