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April 5, 2004

April 5, 2004

Crespin, Dooly, and I are sitting in our track right now passing the time. We are staged about 800 meters north of the city of Fallujah right now with 2nd and 3rd Sections, for a total of eight tracks, six tanks, and some Humvees. We have a company of grunts with us, and well, this is us making history.

We have units staged outside the entire perimeter of Fallujah. Our plan is to raid/invade the city and destroy any retreaters. It may take two days, weeks, months or more. I guess it’s all over the news back home. It’s a big deal that the Marines are back in Iraq and a bigger deal that we’re making a push to take control of Fallujah.

A couple days ago, a Pajero (SUV) full of westerners was disabled by an RPG. They were contractors working to make Fallujah a better place. They were taken from their vehicle and tortured in the streets. They all were beaten. One was hung from a bridge, one was burned, and one was ripped to shreds. News referred to it as mutilations. We want revenge and the civilized world does, too.

So here we are, waiting to get some. We pass the time by singing 80s songs, but usually just the chorus because that’s all we know! We read our books or our magazines, Maxim, FHM, Playboy, etc., or we’ll sleep. The last couple days, we’ve been just hanging out, playing Frisbee, football, watching DVDs, writing letters, laundry, and whatever keeps us busy when there’s nothing to do. We had a horseshoe tournament. Justin Lowe and I were partners and somehow won it. We won $60 between us. Not bad!

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