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April 27, 2004

April 27, 2004

Imagine being on a turret watch in the middle of the night, trying to stay vigilant, knowing there’s big bats with rabies flying around. Something flies right by your head, causing you to duck and then look to see where it went.

Not one second later, thinking this flying creature dropped something on your vehicle, you look down from the turret to see a dinar sucked into the intake grille. Another passes your head, and you look to the direction they came. You gaze as you look to the sky and see what could be hundreds of bats or, as I thought, hundreds of dinar bills.

I started grabbing at the flying bills that possibly came from a bank that blew up or something. I thought I was rich, but in actuality they were fliers with Arabic writing and “wanted” pictures that were dropped from a plane, covering the city. This way the locals can see we’re there to help them and if they have any info about the person on the flier, they can tell us. I was scared, then really excited, and then disappointed. Oh, well.

The other night we got hot chow—chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, pie, fruit, etc. It was a nice change. I almost got put on SSgt. Kulak’s vehicle as a crew chief, but I would rather be on Crespin’s vehicle as a crewman. We got rid of Sgt. Herbert, as you know, but we put Sgt. Ohearon

in 3rd Section. He’s a cool cat, but just as slow when it comes to amtracking.

Now the tracks have the following crews:

105: Still SSgt. Jason or “Scorpion,” Davis or “Reverend,” and Armadariz or “Big A!”

106: Sgt. Perez or “Sandman” as the A/Slash, and Hokanson and Cruz, who might be getting busted down for popping on the piss test.

107: Delfin, “Pretty Boy,” finally got his own track and has Barrios and Valdez, “The Mech,” who’s cool.

108: Us, which includes Crespin or “Tiny,” myself or “Doc Holiday,” and Dooley or “The Lance” or “Tags,” which is what Tiny and I call him because he has meat tags.

We might be going back to the Mech Camp today. That’s the plan.

Yesterday, we saw the mosque that sat in front of us the last month fall. We had a unit get surrounded and pinned down. 108, us, pulled up to get a better view of the city. There was a lot of movement and ammunition way laying the city in front of us. We waited for a chance to shoot, but there was nothing we could get our eyes on. It was a crazy day yesterday with rounds flying a few feet above our head again.

Oh, last night on watch, they played the Arabic translation of our “warning and ultimatums” over loud speakers in the city and afterwards played “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor,” some Pantera, Aerosmith, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, Disturbed, etc. It was kind of funny and motivating. If blowing up their mosque doesn’t piss them off, playing some American rock n’ roll while they try to sleep would!

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