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April 25, 2004

April 25, 2004

You know life is boring and uneventful when you’re only writing in your journal once every week, and I am only writing now because there’s nothing else to do.

I plan on taking a plenum shower, but the engine’s on right now. It would draw air to the engine causing me to freeze. I was going to read out loud to Dooley and myself, but then the engine is on.

We stopped doing turret watch during the day because it’s pointless, which frees up more time to do…nothing. The only thing slightly motivating us right now is the fact we have mail possibly coming to us today, which was supposed to be here yesterday, and that we might have an operation order coming in the next couple days. I even wrote a poem about boredom yesterday!

The big thing that happened this week has to do with Sgt. Herbert, who will probably be a Cpl. the next time I see him. For starters, no one likes or respects him, and he gets upset and starts yelling at everyone for it like a little girl. But this mother fucker has a reputation for not having anyone in his vehicle, at least anyone who’s awake, on watch at night. How could I respect that anyway?

He also has a pregnant wife at home who’s really worried about him—it’s their first. Plus, his father-in-law is on his death bed, and he’s really close to him. So, yeah, I pity that man. I knew it was only a matter of time before he lost it.

Well, SSgt. Kulak was trying to call him on the net but got nothing. They were all outside the vehicle helping SSgt. Jason’s vehicle. SSgt. Kulak got fed up and yelled at Sgt. Herbert when he finally did get on the net. Sgt. Herbert back talked SSgt., and SSgt. wasn’t having that.

He got out of his track and ran up to Sgt. Herbert and put a finger in his face as he was yelling at him. Sgt. Herbert lost it and punched SSgt. Kulak in the face. SSgt. finally tackled him, but Sgt. Herbert got his.

Two days later top Vargas and the contact team came out to refuel us and took him back to the Mech Camp. So he is either going home or getting charged and busted down—or both. So now Delfin has his own vehicle. He deserves it, but I don’t think he wants it. Lord knows I do!

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