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April 21, 2004

April 21, 2004

I just got shot at. Well, not directly, but still by direct fire. I was on a turret watch from 0500-0800 this morning, and at about 0600, sporadic fire broke out just over a small berm near the mosque, which is only about 500 meters from me. Some rounds flew right over my head, I could have reached up and grabbed them.

The Cobra and Huey started circling the area, trying to find the threat. I needed a cigarette, and I had no matches. I wasn’t willing to get out of the turret because I’d probably get shot. All of a sudden, the cobra flies by me making a b-line for the mosque. I thought he was going to shoot his machine gun again like he had a couple times earlier. But instead, I see a bright white and a blue flare fall from the cobra and accelerate past me, breaking the sound barrier with an extremely loud “crack” and colliding with the top of the mosque—a hellfire missile followed by four or five more rockets.

It was sick as shit, the coolest thing I’ve seen yet. He did it again just now. Afterwards, the mosque, which is a huge tower, looked like it wanted to fall. The Cobra and Huey left, but then artillery began to bombard the area. That was cool, too. Even now, there is still sporadic small arms being shot at us indirectly. It’s a day to keep the head down.

Two days ago track 3, track 12, and track 8, our track, went back to the Mech Camp to shower, eat chow hall chow, buy PX necessities, and talk on the phone with loved ones. I only got to talk to Dad and Shannon briefly, and I had to leave a message for Mom.

Our vehicle broke on our way there so we had to get towed, but it was fixed at the FOB. I had a chance to see the track Kolm was in. I couldn’t believe the devastation. It was amazing and heartbreaking. I saw PJ, which was nice.

I actually got leg cramps and spasms later that night because of all the walking I did that day. It was the most exercise I’ve had in two months; and it wasn’t even that much. I finished the letter I wrote for Shannon yesterday. I sounded pretty good when read out loud. Dooley liked it. He liked the celebrity and hippie bashing the best!

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