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April 15, 2004

April 15, 2004

Today was a little cooler. Of course, there was pollution and smog everywhere. That didn’t help my allergies any, and then the wind picked up pretty good.

Today sucked. There was something just depressing in the air. The fact that Delfin visited and talked about all the great things we’re missing now in the States didn’t help. The Lt. got on my case again for being on top of my track without flak and Kevlar. Of course, the CO (Commanding Officer), Cpt. V, was with him. It made the Lt. look bad. Oh, well, fuck him.

Crespin got shot at from the city last night by friendlies. They thought he was Iraqi. He got down right quick and low, crawled to the turret, IRed the grunts with NVGs (Night Vision Goggles), and they stopped. Close!

Those of us previously from Bravo Company lost a brother the other day. We got confirmation our boy Kolm died from RPG fire. The driver, Puckett, pulled the Lt., Sgt. Alcantar, and some grunts out of the vehicle, but couldn’t save Kolm. He burned alive inside the turret. Puckett could hear Kolm screaming on the intercom. Kolm was stuck in the turret and the heat was so bad that Puckett couldn’t get inside to help. He held Kolm’s hand until he couldn’t take the heat anymore.

I can’t imagine the pain, the feeling of helplessness, Kolm must have felt. It breaks my heart. All they found the next day was his skull and spinal cord and his leg melted to his rifle.

God, have mercy on his soul.

A day of depression and mourning. It scares me. I don’t want another that I know to die. Fuck that. I don’t want any more Marines dead. But that’s not God’s plan for everyone.

Bravo Company is supposed to be here in less than a week to reinforce us. We’ve stirred up the hornets nest. Maybe I’ll see Jason Finnicom. That would be awesome.

I didn’t get any mail today, I guess the fucking rag heads blew up a mail truck with our mail in it. Those motherfuckers! I’m not a man of hatred or racism, but these bastards are pushing me to it—Kolm, mail, other Marines. Fuck these Hajjis!

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