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April 14, 2004

April 14, 2004

Dust of Ash, Burning my eyes
Robbing their wealth, leaking their lies.
Lies of hope, hope for peace
     hope for both sides.
Yet, consumed with hatred, suffocating
Suffocating any compassion that might remain
like the smoke pinching my eye,
     burning my nose
Satiated with the stench of trash
he odor of filth that still walks
Still stalks the streets of this city at siege
     Boredom by day, death by night.
An eerie silence, penetrated by the beat inside

A whistle breaks the stillness
followed by a blast of light
     a thunderous roar
and a pulsating wave that echoes
     through the skin
stars of white secretly falling from the sky
stars of red flying from the earth
     in flagrant succession
And still, there is beauty within
a softness in the air as I look to the sky
Frosted with stars; crystal, clean
the neglected song of crickets
backed by rabid howls from loveless dogs.
Yet a stillness accented by the tranquil song.
     Prayers echo through the city
Arabic notes hovering over its evil outline
     and lingering in my ear, forever in memory.

I take a drag
I breathe in the smoke of stale tobacco
     and watch its remnants fade from my mouth
     A cigarette I bought earlier from an arabic boy
     a boy, named Sav, still living in poverty and fear
and that’s why I’m here.

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