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April 13, 2004

April 13, 2004

The night after my last entry, our section, which includes four vehicles, moved to a different location—again! They have us re-enforcing COC as security. We are overlooking a piece of the city, and we’re parked next to an abandoned apartment building and some makeshift chicken corrals. Like the rest of Iraq, there is trash everywhere. There is no disposal system. That’s probably why I don’t feel bad pissing and shitting everywhere I please.

We’ve had the chance, or opportunity, to talk to the locals. Only one guy speaks some English. It helps. Plus, there’s a kid, Sav, who’s really cool and sells us smokes for like a dollar. We give him some food and Coke. That’s the best part—interacting with the nationals.

Last night, it seemed like the “evil-doers” were making a last stand. There was a lot of fire in the city and over our head. At least two Marines, that I know of, died. SSgt. Jason helped put them into body bags. Ten or more were wounded, but at this point, we’ve killed 400+ and wounded 600+. We’re doing well. We are doing a shit-load better than the Army.

The mayor of Fallujah and the Jordanian Prime Minister are asking Bush for peace. Bush said, “Not until my boys can roll through the streets without getting shot at.”

Earlier yesterday, SSgt. told a couple of guys to clear houses. They found an AK-47 with rounds and two pictures of Saddam.

If I haven’t mentioned it, we’ve been out here for two weeks, and we’ll be out here for another month. Yesterday marked the big regimental push to take over Fallujah. They want to do it in the next 30 days.

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