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March 9, 2004

March 9, 2004

These last couple days have been interesting. The Company went to the field, and Lowe, Gomez, Saddler, Rivera, and I got to stay back for guard and hooch watch. This gave us some good time off.

The first day, Sunday, Lowe and I went to the gym and then went to see that hot blond girl at detachment services. She’s Army, but I don’t hold that against her. We make up reasons to go in there and see her, but she hasn’t picked up on it yet.

Yesterday, we all went down to the phones, and I got a chance to talk to my mom and Tristen. It was good. I can tell Tristen wishes he was out here with me.

We went to watch a new release movie. It barely came out in the theater, and we’re watching it here in Kuwait. It was Hildago. Not a bad movie. The funny thing is that it was set in the same area that we’re in, Iraq, Syria and Damascus, but it’s about an American cowboy. We came back from the movie and tried to fall asleep before the platoon got back. That didn’t work. I read some of my book, The Jester. It’s a pretty good book.

I planned on waking up at 0130 for my 0200 ramp guard. When I did, I discovered the watch before me got up an hour late and only stood an hour post. The Marine before him had to stand three hours. So, as punishment, I ordered him to stand my two hour post for a total of three.

He disagreed.

So, at 0215, after he left his post, I chewed his ass until he threw his weapon, including his rounds, in the air. I took those and notified his Sergeant. This is when he cursed and bitched at the Sergeant and myself. It was ugly. I’ll probably have to write a statement. He ended up having to do five hours total. It doesn’t pay to be insubordinate!

I pray the Lord makes me the NCO (Noncommissioned Officer) he wants me to be—to serve his purpose.

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