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March 7, 2004

March 7, 2004

It’s been about a week since my last entry. I left off where we were on our way to Ramstein, Germany. From there, it was another seven hours to Kuwait. Each leg of the trip was about seven hours, adding up to a total of 21 hours of flying.

Then we took a bus for four hours to Camp Udairi. What a crap hole. Sand and dust gets everywhere. We’re in a big hooch, or tent, with cots to sleep on. There’s AC in the hooches. Thank God! It gets really hot during the afternoon. The mornings and evenings are quite nice, though. I’ve only had one chance to go to the gym here, which is just a hooch with a bunch of old school equipment. I like to go because a lot of cuties go there. There’s this one blond that I really like. Now I just need to work up the nerve to talk to her!

The second or third day we were here, I got promoted to Corporal. Finally! Then the First Sergeant talked to us. He was a little pissed off cause we had five drug pops in the company. 1st Platoon had only one so once again we look the best!

He was, at the very least, disappointed, but I think more than anything, he was worried. That same day, a company or battalion of 7th Marines made their way to or back from Fallujah. They were hit twice, killing four Iraqis and injuring more. I think 7th Marines sustained some casualties as well. Anyway, it was a reality check. We are taking a convoy of Humvees and Seven Tons to Mech Camp near Fallujah, Iraq, from Kuwait.

The last couple days we’ve just been working on tracks, getting them ready for a field op, and range firing, which is today. Oh, yeah, I didn’t get to go! I’m on guard duty back here in the rear for the next couple of days. It’s cool because I get a lot of free time. But I wanted to go out with my track.

Yesterday we had a sandstorm—nothing considered serious, but it really sucked. I don’t want to see one that is considered serious!

I wrote my mom, dad, and sister, Shannon. Now I’m debating whether I should write Angie, Jenni, or Moira. I think I’m going to write Rolbiecki’s cousin. She’s way hot. They are both from Colorado, too. Oh, yeah, Rolbiecki got married. In case you didn’t know, he was my dorm neighbor in RBE who’s from Grand Junction. Well, peace!

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