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March 31, 2004

March 31, 2004

I am still here. That’s a good thing. Our operation was so boring. Each section set up a TCP (Tactical Control Point). 1st Section was near a bridge north of the cloverleaf, 3rd Section was south, and of course, 2nd Section was east between the firm base and the cloverleaf. We saw no action, but we did fire watch in the turret because there’s always the possibility.

Third had a Mercedes run the TCP because they were drunk, but our orders were to engage if they broke the line. It was a Mercedes with a guy and girl. She took a flesh wound to the thigh. I guess she was really pretty, too. The guy she was with took a round into his jaw and out the neck.

Not more than 15 minutes later, 1st Section got attacked—a mortar, RPG, and AK-47 attack. An RPG flew about four feet over Lowe and Cassenelli’s head. It landed ten feet from the Lt. and Amster’s vehicle. They engaged with 50 cal. The enemy started running for the tree line so Sgt. Allison engaged with the 40 mm and blew them straight the fuck up. They saw bodies flying and everything. They did well.

Now we’re on our rest time, ready to go out again. Just waiting. I wrote Mom and Jason L. today. My hip hurts, and my ankle is tweaked. I’m feeling weak. I’m starting to feel fat without a gym around!

It’s pretty peaceful right now. I’m sitting in the back of the track, which is tucked into the tree line. The sun’s peeking through the trees. There’s a slight breeze and a great ease in the air. It’s a beautiful moment.

We’re living out of the back of the track with no gym, PX, bathrooms, showers, chow hall—nothing. We lift ammo cans and water jugs and do pull-ups on the back of the ramp. PX runs by armed Humvees, and we have a trench for a shitter. The chow runs make the food cold by the time it gets to us, but it’s better than an MRE! But the newest and greatest thing is our makeshift shower: a 150 gallon water bladder with a hose and Mountain Dew bottle shower head sitting on top of an adobe shack. It’s beautiful!

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