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March 28, 2004

March 28, 2004

Last night, the boys went out on our first operation to divert traffic away from Fallujah and eliminate any enemy threat. It was supposed to be 48 hours long. All the while, my track and two others stayed behind. Everyone else came back within four hours. That’s why were going back out in a couple hours at 0300 on March 29. It’s the same mission but with differences. We saw things we needed to change.

I went to church today with five others. Great service. I really enjoyed it. The chaplain spoke of Nehemiah and his rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days. It parallels us taking Fallujah and how Iraq is doubting us.

I emailed Dad, Janine, and Jenni today. I wanted to call my mom and talk to her, but they only take one form of calling card and I didn’t have it. I was bummed about that, but when I got back to the track there was a package from my mom. She sent me so much cool shit. She treats me way too well, always spoiling me. I hope she knows how much I love her.

We’re going out for our 48 hour operation. I’m excited and nervous. I should probably get some sleep, huh? Well, I’ll be chatting with you in a couple of days. I thought we’d get mortars tonight, but I guess not.

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