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March 10, 2004

March 10, 2011

Nothing too big happened today. We just had a bunch of classes. The cool part was that the classes were taught by a group of badass, motherfuckers from the British Army.

At first, it was kind of hard to understand them, but after a while, I began to understand the accent and lingo. They gave demonstrations on SASO and other patrolling techniques. They were just cool guys.

More and more, by each day, I realize what a dangerous environment we’re going into. Deep down we all know that not all of us are coming back, but we, 1st Platoon, don’t want to think of it like that. We are all pretty tight and all just a bunch of comedians, always able to have a good time, from LCpl. to Staff NCO and officer.

Oh, hey, before I go—I wrote Jenni and kind of told her that I still want her. Big mistake! But I wrote Moira, too, so we’ll see if and what she writes back.

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