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January 26, 2004

January 26, 2004

It’s been almost a year since my last entry. So much has happened. I wish I kept track of it all. I left my last entry with some statement anticipating the next entry, but obviously I can’t remember what that was. Sorry!

I’m writing again for the mere reason that I’m deploying again, this time to Iraq. Yes, I missed Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), or the “war of my time.” So now we’re going back for OIF II since the Army is getting beat up over there. Tristen lost his leg in August of 2003, but I plan on giving an overview of the events of the past year so hold tight. It’s now 2004, a new year, so what better time to reminisce of the past year than now?

I met a lot of great friends the past year: Jason Finnicum, Brian Pepperdine, Shawn Pyrzgoda, Ray Roberts, Roberts’s girlfriend (and now wife) Kayla, and PJ O’Malley, who’s in my company now. I wasn’t doing much work. With only 50 people in our battalion, there was nothing to do. A lot of times I’d go to formation and then back to my room. I was still on Cumadin and will be for the next nine months when it should have only been three months.

I bought a car, my first sports car, a ’89 Mustang GT, 5.0. It’s a really sick car. Since I did have a car, I drove a lot of guys to medical and legal appointments. This is really all I did. I met a lot of reservists who didn’t have a chance to go to Iraq yet.

Besides them, it was a ghost town on base from January until the summer. I spent the majority of the weekends at Donna and Willis’s. Since Lena and Robert lived with them at the time, I got to know Robert pretty well. He worked at 24 Hour Fitness, so I worked out a lot there.

In March, I finally got my post-deployment leave for Japan so I went home. I decided to drive. Leave was alright. Tristen was still there so I got to hang out with him before he went back to Iraq. I hung out with him, Huck, Dave, and others. Huck and I aren’t as good of friends anymore, but whatever.

I saw an ex-girlfriend of mine. I graduated with her sister. Anyway, we hit it off again and before I know it we’re making out in her parents’ basement. She looks like Catherine Zeta Jones so immediately I’m attracted. She’s a virgin, though, so it didn’t go much further. We didn’t pursue anything after that night, probably cause she got nervous when I “played” with her.

Jason L. was over in Iraq, and we were all worried. His girlfriend and I sent him packages and letters. I wish I was there with him.

I had three days left of leave and got stuck with taking the daughter of my mom’s boyfriend, Mario, to her senior prom. I had to convince Dave D. to go as her friend’s date.

We were so bored, but we left early and went to Tristen’s step-sister’s birthday. I got her on predeployment leave a year earlier!

Anyway, I met a girl there, Megan. We clicked well. We spent the rest of my time there together. I really liked her. We made love on my mom’s guest bed the next day. We were together until May when I came home for a weekend to take my sister to prom. We had sex again, but the day I left was the last I heard of her. It’s like she fell off the face of the earth. I still don’t know why. She was supposed to go to school out here in San Diego, and we were going to move in together. Oh, well!

Later in May, I lost my license again. I got pulled over for making an illegal U-turn. Of course, I had been drinking, which didn’t help. I passed the sobriety tests so they threw out the breathalyzer. I still got arrested and my car impounded since my license was suspended from my DUI when I was 17. It took me a couple months to get my license back, but my command did nothing to me.

The rest of the summer was a binge-fest—not a night sober. Four girls came to visit me from home in June: Megan; Tristen’s sister, Clare; my sister’s other friend, Katy; and of course Jaymie. Jaymie and I dated in high school, but then we were just friends. They stayed for a whole week in my room and my friends’ rooms with whoever they were screwing at the time.

I always wished to sleep with Jaymie, and it finally came. She kicked everyone out of the room, which was hard to do since every night that week was a party on my cat-walk, and she did me dirty. The only problem was I was on Vicodin and beer, which made it hard to nut. So I couldn’t get off. We pretty much avoided each other the rest of the week.

My job for those eight months was pretty skate. I was BEQ Manager, which means I issued rooms, checked people out, etc. I managed the living quarters. I spent a lot of the time with guys on the beach drinking and enjoying my youth. I miss it because we’re all separated now.

In late July and early August, I took leave again to go home. I didn’t want to, but Jenni was coming home with her Ty, and I wanted to see them. I didn’t even see Ty, and I only got to see Jenni twice. It definitely wasn’t worth it, but I got to see my sister before she went to college in Hawaii. At this time, my good friend Ashleigh, who was dating Tristen for a long time, and Sarah moved out to San Diego. Every weekend Jason F., Jason L., and I would go there and party. Jason L. was back from Iraq so it was great seeing him again. He and Sarah hooked up. Those were great times, a lot of fun.

Alexandra and Shandra visited one weekend. Alexandra and I dated in high school, and we still had a thing for each other. That first night we ended up having dirty, hard sex. It was fun. Jason F. and Ashleigh were in the room watching, too. We thought they were asleep!

So then Alexandra and I were together. We made plans for November for her to come back out and go to the Marine Corps B-day Ball with me. It was in Vegas! Hell, yeah! Love Vegas.

My boys from Bravo Company came back from Japan finally. It was really good seeing them again. Especially Mike Delfin. He’s my boy!

November rolled around, and I finally turned 21. It seemed like I drank more before I was 21. Then Las Vegas weekend came around finally. Alexandra came out with Sarah.

Oh, yeah, Ashleigh and Sarah moved back to Colorado after a month because they partied too much and never got a job. They couldn’t pay rent so they left.

So Jason and Sarah came to see us, Alexandra, and me, from 29 Palms. We went to the bar, got fucked up, and then stayed at Ray and Kaylah’s where Alexandra and I did the dirty again.

The next day we drove out to Las Vegas. The first night was fun as hell. Alexandra got really fucked up so I put her to bed early and went out for a good old time! The next night sucked. I didn’t really want to be with her. She sexed me up then we went to bed. I took her to the airport, and we were through. She disgusted me for some reason.

Let me backtrack right quick. In late August, we got the word that Tristen had lost his leg to a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) and was coming home. That was also a big reason Ashleigh left San Diego when she did.

Now I’m in Alpha Company because the Marines are going back over to Iraq for OIF II. This means no more skating—it’ll be hard work until Christmas. Then I’ll get more leave. I got a good platoon of men that will do well in Iraq. Mike and I are together once again. We are in the same company, platoon, section, room, and fire team. That’s a miracle from God. There must be a reason!

I went home for leave—again—and it was cool because Jason L., Tristen, Huck, and I were all going to be there for the first time in years. Every night, we went out to the bars because we were all 21 now. This was the highlight of leave.

But I ended up sleeping with Joey’s ex-girlfriend, Meagan. That was a mistake because a week later I contracted an STD, “the drip.” This was a turn around in my life, a turning over of a new leaf. I was too lax when it came to my sex life. I was surprised I hadn’t gotten an STD yet—or a baby, at that! Anyway, I also made out with Lisa, which is something I wanted to do since fifth grade!

Another big thing happened when I was home—I saw Jenni. Oh, yeah, and her husband, Joe! Odd?! Yeah, it was awkward, but it was good to see who’s taking care of Jenni if I can’t.

I’m glad I left when I did. I hate going home. Drama started with Dave and me because I was hanging out with his ex-girlfriend and her friend who I wanted to get to know. Oh, yeah, I called him a “bitch,” too. But he deserved it! So I don’t talk to Dave or Huck anymore. Huck’s jealous because he doesn’t get to go to “war” with Jason, Tristen, or me. Bitch.

It’s February now, and Mike is marrying Lauryn the day after Valentine’s Day. We have a 96 this weekend so I cruise up to Sac Town for the wedding. I had to; I’m the Best Man. We didn’t party much. Mike hung out with Lauryn a lot. So Jason F., a groomsman, and I did our own thing. I met Theresa, who is a good friend of Mike’s since he was five years old. She’s gorgeous and way fun! Maybe we’ll get together. I don’t know. We’ll see! Don’t worry, I’m talking to her.

Well, I’m going to end this entry here. Our flight window to Iraq is the first to third of March. I don’t know what the future holds for me over there. I’m a little nervous, but more excited. I may not set a foot on American soil again after I leave. I feel the Lord has bigger plans for me and my future. My first priority is taking care of my men, especially those who are newlywed and expecting child. I’ll take a bullet for them before I let them take one for me.

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